APRIL 30 — JUNE 27, 2021

Stay Alive to Life!, an exhibition and festival, addresses COVID-19 policies, effects and affects. Encouraging dialogue and activism around social, cultural and LGBTQ concerns arising from the global pandemic in and around Washington, DC, the festival delivers a free and live program of events ranging from concerts and performances, lectures and workshops, to conversations and wellness activities. The purpose of this festival is to deliver opportunities for the community to congregate with each other safely and find connection. 


The exhibition features work by Piotr Szyhalski and Ines Doujak/John Barker. Fernando Santangelo and Markus Winter support the exhibition with special furniture.

The Corner at Whitman-Walker presents Stay Alive to Life! in full compliance with the Mayor’s health and safety guidelines.



DECEMBER 5, 2020 — MARCH 28, 2021

See You There: Making History at Whitman-Walker, gathers documents, fresh stories and artworks, some of them newly commissioned. It casts back a queer look at some of the facts and some of the lore of Whitman-Walker. It catches a glimpse at vital stories about Black and Lesbian life in this city. It envisions a future of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and Black liberation. And it witnesses a younger generation giving voice to their aspirations. For when history is something we make together, a better future becomes imaginable.


See You There is inspired by The Whitman-Walker Oral History Project, which chronicles narratives and experiences of patients, advocates, program directors, and community members.

JULY 9 — JULY 19, 2020

When We First Arrived... explores the human experiences of intersectionality, inequality, and social injustice through artistic expression. In an attempt to call attention to this on-going crisis for children, The Corner
is re-opening a unique exhibition that highlights the injustice these families and children are still facing within the borders of the United States of America. Curated by Noack, the exhibition When We First Arrived... showcases over 100 works of art by leading visual artists, responding directly to the testimonies from children gathered by Flores investigators. While Federal Judge Gee ordered the children’s release by July 17th, it remains uncertain that the families will end up reunited and safe. Additionally, The Corner feels that the violence and abuse towards those detained should still be discussed and that community should be aware of these atrocities and the trauma that these children have endured. It is crucial that they continue to be supported by organizations engaged in advocacy and health.


When We First Arrived... is organized in close collaboration with DYKWTCA (Do you know where the children are?), an initiative by artists, Mary Ellen Carroll and Lucas Michael, who invited 123 artists to produce works utilizing the Flores accounts. It is part of the broader public awareness initiative, Project Amplify. The donated works of art will sold in a benefit sale in partnership with the Innovation Law Lab, and will benefit the Innovation Law Lab, Safe Passage Project with Terra Firma, and Team Brownsville.